Elementary -- High School PRIVATE TUTORING

All applicants for Tutoring must pay a non-refundable $50.00 application/assessment fee which will be applied to the cost of tutoring if an enrollment contract is signed.  There is a $25 Registration/Processing Fee due at the point of signing any new or renewal contract with Learning WorX.


Tuition for private tutoring lessons Lesson Bundle and number of weeks described in each bundle, and is payable in equal monthly payments for the duration of the Bundle selected.  Final payment for each bundle must be made at the 75% completion lesson.  Enrolling students are reserving their placement in Learning WorX for the duration of the bundle.  The Enrollment Agreement is a firm commitment (Contract), and guarantees your place in the schedule.  A fee of first month and Entrance Deposit is required at time of enrollment in order to reserve the lesson time.  Tuition covers the following services:

  1. Private Lessons

  2. Access to the learning resources of Learning WorX

  3. Instructor Preparation and Planning Time for Individualized Study

Learning WorX offers THREE (3) payment plan options from which Student Families can select for level of lesson commitment and payment of fees:

  1. Up-Front Payment of Entire Bundle Price

  2. QUARTERLY  Payment of Bundle Price

  3. MONTHLY Payment of Bundle Price


Learning WorX offers  affordable & very simple pricing program.  All tutoring is priced in six-month bundles of either one session per week or two sessions per week.  All tutoring sessions are for one subject and for one hour time slots.  Pricing is as follows:

  • One Session Per Week -- $120 per month for six months
  • Two Sessions per week -- $180 per month for six months
  • Single Hour Non-Contract Sessions -- $50 per session
Tutoring sessions are bundled in packages of 20-session one-hour/week or 40-session two hour/week bundles.  Pricing options are bundled packages of multiple private tutoring sessions, with THREE (3) payment plan options: Up-Front Payment of Entire Bundle Price, QUARTERLY Payment of Bundle Price, or MONTHLY Payment of Bundle Price.
Factors you might consider which could determine the Bundle you select might be the specific needs of the Student, the time-frame over which goals might be accomplished, or the actual goals set for the tutoring sessions. Your Tutor will be glad to assist you in determining an expedient and cost effective plan of action.
Learning WorX also offers very affordable tutoring groups of three to five students with similar needs which can be much more affordable and, sometimes, through group competition, encourages progress.
We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.


ALL group tutoring participants must sign a BUNDLED contract to be a member of the group (this is for the benefit of the other members providing stability for the group) AND must agree to auto-payment of fees at the first of each month of the group meetings.


  1. 5-Student Group ($9 per student per hour/twice weekly; avg. $78 per month). All students in group must have similar need.

  2. 3-Student Group ($12 per student per hour/twice weekly; avg. $104 per month). All students in group must have similar needs. 


Beth Broome is available for workshops with an emphasis in the foundational skills of the lower grades.  Call for a price and Beth’s availability!

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